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How would my child benefit from receiving intervention at RLS-TLC?

As parents, it is always recommended that we check our child’s milestones. If you suspect that he/she may have delays and/or difficulties in any of them (i.e., gross motor, fine motor, speech and language), it is best that you consult with a developmental and behavioral physician. Should you have a difficulty in setting up an appointment with the doctor and you feel the urgency to address these issues, we may have your child evaluated to at least determine the specific areas where your child may have any delay. We, however, are in no position to diagnose your child. If you have other concerns, then our therapists will be more than willing to give you advice and assist you in your queries. You are also welcome to observe some of the sessions of your child so you can have a better idea on how to follow up the activities and management at home.

What is the process by which my child can avail of the services at the center?

The ideal step is to receive a referral from your child’s physician. You may then call or visit RLS-TLC where you will be asked specific details about your child and the doctor’s findings/assessment. Someone from RLS-TLC will contact you to schedule an initial evaluation. The evaluation normally lasts for an hour. The evaluation would likewise determine the frequency that your child would have to undergo his/her therapy. You will then be given a specific date and time when your child will have his/her regular therapy sessions.

Do you offer home-based therapy?

No. All our therapies are held in the center. We can, however, upon your request conduct a visit at your home or your child’s school to map out management strategies and techniques in the said locations. Also, we can provide you, at your request a home program that you can use to ensure the continuity of your child’s therapy at the center.

How long will my child be in therapy?

The length of time that your child will be undergoing therapy is dependent on your child’s individual pace of development. It is also dependent on how well we follow up the management at home. Let it also be known that before we decrease the frequency or discharge a child in therapy, it is recommended that you visit his/her physician first.

What is my role as a parent/caregiver in my child’s therapy session?

The parents and/or caregivers play a very critical role in a child’s progress. As part of the session, your therapists will write down the activities and suggest techniques that you can carry out at home. Note that your child is only with us at a very limited time per week and most of his/her time is spent at home and/or in school. Your child’s development will therefore be highly dependent on how you, as his/her caregiver follows the suggestions that your therapists tell you to do at home and in other settings that your child goes to.

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